Robert Santiago Taking Paraiba by Storm

At 58 years, Robert Santiago is already taking the state of Paraiba heads-on. He has been passionate about investment and his ideas have made him an icon. Since the establishment of an iconic and world class shopping center, Robert has left a mark in the field of business and investment. He is also widely known for his eye for perspective. He looks into the details of every situation, identifies the best opportunity and grabs a profitable venture. His many years in business has made him gain the right authority to comment about business issues plus economics. He has also contributed the economic development of the area immensely.

The Manaira Shopping center is a success story Robert Santiago will live to share. It was launched in 1989. Over the years, it has become an iconic place for shopping all across Joao Pessoa. It has remained a hub of business and successful client satisfaction because of its versatility. A whole family can thus get into the shopping complex and get everything they need. Apart from shopping, people also enjoy a lot of leisure activities and a string of entertainment centers. He has mastered the art of how to invest in such a shopping complex and make it customer-oriented. Manaira has a suitable environment and business. This is because it is located near the beaches in the city of Joao Pessoa. The shopping complex takes pride in the 280 fully occupied stores. Business people can thus enjoy the 75,000 square meters of the gross lettable area. Read more articles on

Unending Fun

Your family or your friend could be in need of a nice movie time. Then Manaira Shopping complex is the place you need to be. There were 11 rooms that are fully equipped with the right facilities to give you a world-class satisfaction. It is also well fitted with the electronic game machines with over 200 solutions that will serve your need for diversity. If you want to have a nice taste of sumptuous food, you can get it right here. You can get a delicious and finger-licking experience as you take the normal kitchen chef. The clients can also enjoy a ballroom, a gym, a house of shows and universities. This kind of combination of unending fun will just transform your experience of shopping.

Legendary Icon

When you are thinking of a revolutionary entrepreneur, of course, Robert Santiago fits in snugly. He has remained a visionary business person who has established other shopping malls to give more people the rare sweet experience. One of his other projects is the Mangabeira. The two shopping complexes have continued to give customers more options when it comes to their shopping needs. Therefore, the region has continued to experience the social and economic development. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

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