The Fate of Real Estate in Baltimore with Todd Lubar

Every city and state was affected as a result of the economy in the U.S., but Baltimore, Maryland is no exception. The city of Baltimore is beginning to awaken with promise as the healing of real estate begins. Foreclosures and other bank sales dropped by as much as 7% starting last April; which means that this spring, things could be very different for the city.

The even better news from is that the state of Maryland made changes to regulations for the state regarding real estate. The change in regulations means that good things are coming for the future of Maryland, but it also means that real estate is safer for the seller and the buyer. The number of sales is increasing as the number of foreclosures begins to decrease. This is great news!

A market fraught with distressed pricing eventually cycles back around after several years to fair and stable pricing. This is exactly where Baltimore stands right now, and Todd Lubar is no stranger to helping rebuild in real estate after a tough economic time, and his desire to help others offers a big push for him to make progress when all else fails.

Having graduated from a prestigious school like Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree, Todd is well-educated and knows his options when it comes to re-investing and rebuilding the city. His love of real estate and how it works as a whole have driven him to be one of the best in the city as well as the entire state of Maryland.

Todd started his career ( in the mortgage side of the industry, working as a loan originator. After having studied the aspects of conservative mortgage banking, he knew that some of the products banks were rolling out would affect the economy dramatically. Loans that worked like credit cards were not found to be favorable, and after the devastation, he decided to work on the real estate side of the industry where he could be a part of the journey of finding the home.

Todd has been a great networker, building relationships with insurance agents as well as CPA’s as more. For more info, visit

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