A Closer Look at the Philanthropic Work of Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is currently the nation’s 11th U.S. Secretary of Education. She is the premiere educational czar within the nation. She comes from the prominent Devos family which is well known within the state of Michigan. Grand Rapids is their home city that bears the name of the Devos’s since this family has made a wide variety of contributions to this city.

Betsy is the wife of Dick Devos and the daughter-in-law of Richard Devos the former founder and leader of Amway. Betsy and her husband have been blessed with immense wealth from Amway and from their other endeavors. Over the years, they have used their money to support many different causes.

Betsy and her husband Dick primarily support educational and artistic endeavors. They also support various policies and other organizations that help people to live a better life. Religious organizations are important to the Devos’s as well because they really have a strong faith. Betsy DeVos is an education enthusiast. Though she has spent a great deal of her time in politics; throughout the years she has been involved within this field.

Her husband and she even helped to get an aviation high school up and running. West Michigan Aviation Academy is the name of this organization and it is a testament to the philanthropic causes of Betsy Devos.

Devos ‘s philanthropic organization is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and Betsy uses it provide contributions to places such as Kids Hope USA, the Kennedy Center and the Mars Hill Bible Church. She also gives to American Federation for Children and even supports the Alliance for School Choice.

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Betsy is a big supporter of the School Choice policy. She has been involved within this cause for many years. Her desire to help people with education has helped to push her philanthropy to even greater heights. She not only gives of her money she also gives of her time. Even though she is extremely busy as the Secretary of Education, Devos still has time to be a chairwoman or board member of many organizations.

Devos’s love for charity grew out of her desire to help other parents with school aged children. This is another reason why education is so important to her and her family. In the past she used her resources to help parents because she sympathized with their needs since she was a mom of two school-aged children at the time. Now that her children have grown up and are living their own lives; but Devos’s passion for helping parents with students has not changed.

Mrs. Devos will not withhold her giving and she even wants to extend it. This prominent lady understands that her immense wealth and position gives her the ability to make serious changes that will improve the lives of people everywhere.

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