Lime Crime Launches Kitty Bundles, Helping Cats Find Homes

As a consumer, when I love a brand, I REALLY love that brand. Those companies are few and far between. The brands I’m really passionate about are limited, but they tend to be ones that are extremely genuine and often have really genuine people holding the reigns of the company. Learn  more:


One of my favorite brands is Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is nothing if not extremely unique. It was founded by Doe Deere who is known as the “Queen of the Unicorns.” She inspires the users of Lime Crime to be as unique as they possibly can, offering an entire line of brightly colored lipsticks and makeup. Doe Deere’s goal in founding Lime Crime was to give women a chance to use makeup as a vehicle to express themselves and be as unique as they could possibly be. After moving to New York at a very young age from Russia, Doe Deere started selling cosmetics on eBay. In 2008 she launched Lime Crime with the goal of bringing her vision to the masses. She was incredibly surprised how many women absolutely flipped for Lime Crime and the company has continued to thrive and grow.



Doe Deere also is incredibly passionate about many other causes, including the love of animals. In fact, she recently launched a brand new line of makeup that will benefit stray cats on the streets of Los Angeles. Lime Crime’s new line, called the Kitty Bundle, will donate 20% of its procedes to Los Angeles’s Kitty Bungalow, an incredibly fun and spunky charity.


Kitty Bungalow is run by Headmistress Simon’s who became very passionate about helping stray cats after finding several cats in her own home. Because the cats were not fixed, they kept having more kittens and had behaviors that would not allow them to be adopted. Kitty Bungalow is different than a typical adoption agency in the way that it seeks to teach cats the manners they need to get adopted. The cats have an actual curriculum that they follow where they learn everything from how to be loving and snuggly with humans to basic manners and using a litter box.


Kitty Bungalow is a non profit and they are solely reliant on companies like Lime Crime that provide them with generous donations that help the charity keep going. Stray cats on the streets of cities like Los Angeles are a huge problem and they can only be fixed one cat at a time. Lime Crime’s new Kitty Bundles is helping to fuel that change. Learn more:


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