Journeying into the Life of Mathematician Michael Lacey

The discipline of Mathematics is considered one of the most difficult subjects of our time. One person however, who holds a contrary opinion is mathematician Michael Lacey.

Michael Lacey was born on 26th September 1959 and currently holds a Doctorate in mathematics from Illinois University Urbana-Champaign having specialized his thesis on probability, Banach spaces.

Under the mentorship of his friend Walter Philipp, Michael Lacey was able to tackle successfully the problem on the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. Thanks to his prowess in mathematics, Lacey has a well-decorated CV.

Lacey’s Career

Michael Lacey began his career in 1987 immediately after graduating. His first assignment was as an assistant professor in charge of scholars at Louisiana University.

This experience helped him learn a lot knowledge not only as a scholar but as a facilitator. Michael would later move from the institution a year later to Chapel Hill where he would also work for one year.

After working from Chapel Hill, Lacey joined Indiana University at Bloomington still in the position of an associate professor.

His active involvement in academics helped expose him to a lot of areas in mathematics that would be instrumental in his later experiences. His big career break can be said to have come when he joined Georgia Institute as a professor. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Contributions and awards

As an instructor and scholar, Michael Lacey has been quite instrumental to the growth of mathematics. The passionate mathematician has taught and addressed public gatherings on different areas of mathematics thus earning both the respect and admirations from his peers and students. This zeal and passion for mathematics has also helped him earn awards and honors that include;

A postdoctoral fellowship award from NSF in 1990. In the year 1997, Lacey bagged the covetous Prix Salem award with Christoph Thiele for their joint contribution. The following year, he was recognized at Berlin German for a public speech he gave.

In 2004, Michael was awarded with an honorary award popularly known as the Guggenheim Fellow. Recently in 2013, he was recognized and admitted to the Mathematical Society of America.

If you a mathematic scholar then Lacey ought to be you role model. With all the progress and achievements, he is proof enough that anything and everything is possible in mathematics if you have the passion.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreens

Nathaniel Ru and his college friends from Georgetown University were having a hard time finding a healthy eatery, that was also a cool and fun place to hang out during their senior year. However when they discovered a tiny, 560 square foot tavern on “M” st., they wondered if this could be the place they were seeking.

Amazingly, because of Ru and his friends,it became just what they were seeking. Six years later, that tiny “M” St tavern has been converted into a 21-store-farm-to-table restaurant chain eatery.

How did they do it? Having a lot of perseverance. They continuously called the landlord of the property everyday until she finally agreed to a face-to-face meeting with them. Ru stated they were not very prepared, having only a three page business plan, one page of which was financial plans.

At first, they wanted to call the restaurant, “greens”. There was something about Lu and his two friends that impressed this landlord, for after the meeting she told them to find an architect, along with someone to back their business financially, and come back with a real business plan.

Three and a half weeks later they returned with a financial backer and an architect and “sweetgreen” in lower-case lettering, with one backwards “e” was born. Sweetgreen now has stores in the Northeast’s major cities and suburbs. Such as Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia. The food is always freshly bought from local farmers to ensure the consumer receives the very best products. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

Sweetgreen is so much more than just a place to buy food. In many ways Sweetgreen can be compared to Apple, because both companies think “from the inside out.” Meaning, they think about the “why” before the “what”.

Ru has the belief that no matter how many stores Sweetgreen’s opens, they will continue with the core values of the company, and that is to service the community and not some corporate giant. Ru and his co-founders came up with five core values that are placed in ever kitchen of Sweetgreen’s. The first being: “Win, win, win!! Every decision you make should be for the long term. Everything you do, should last longer than you.”

Nathaniel Ru also believes that stores get the best financial results when they have a team working together for a long time; therefore, he wants to ensure that not only the costumers, but the employees also receive the best experience of their lives. Even going out of their way to help two engages employees plan their wedding. Nathaniel Ru states, “It may be the digital age, but in the end, the best marketing is personal.”