Investment In Wine Demystified By UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vintners or UKV PLC for short is a company made up of renowned wine consultants who advise on the best wines to purchase mainly as an investment or plainly for consumption. Investing in wine is an out of the box strategy which guarantees returns of up to 15%. The fact that there is no capital gains taxation on wine makes this a very lucrative idea. As a result in recent years, trading in wine has gone up by an impressive 20%.

The wine business has been a great way to make money for years, but the practice has always been restricted to connoisseurs. This is because the trade in wine is very complicated and many lack the expertise to succeed in this sector. UKV PLC steps in and has helped demystify this daunting topic by offering consultations.

The main issue for investors usually arises when sourcing and purchasing the right wine from the right region at the best price. UKV PLC works with distributors, traders, and brokers to offer their clients a wide range of selection for their consideration. The company has had years of experience dealing with the finest investment-grade luxury wine and champagne.

UKV PLC sources wine from the top vineyards in different Italian, Spanish, and French regions since it does not have any binding contract. The company carries many types of fine wine and champagne marketed under different brand names such as Don Perignon, Lafite Rothschild, Barbaresco, Le Pin and Latour among others. Years in the industry has familiarized the consultants at UKV PLC with everything wine related from the best time of year to purchase wine to the varied choices of wine pairings.

As a consumer, there are many benefits of buying wine through UKV PLC. The first advantage is the highly qualified staff. They have acquired keen insight on the finest and most luxurious investment-grade quality wine and champagne over the years with hands on experience. Secondly, UKV PLC has built a network of reliable contacts in the wine industry. These connections will ensure not only the best quality but also great pricing as well as timely deliveries.