Betsy DeVos Accomplishments in Education

Betsy DeVos is considered to be one of the most successful women in the United States. At the moment, DeVos is serving as the US secretary of education. The successful businesswoman acquired this prestigious position in February this year after the Senate confirmed her. Before the confirmation, Betsey had been nominated to the post by the new president of the country, Donald Trump. Betsy was given this position because of several reasons.


First of all, the new education secretary has been involved in educational policies for a long time. For the last thirty years, Betsey and her husband have worked hard to transform the lives of people who come from needy backgrounds. The couple believes that the society can only be changed through education. Betsy has also been working as an advocate for parents and children in the educational system. The businesswoman is very passionate about making new reforms that can help children from the underserved society to acquire quality education.


In a recent interview, the successful career woman says that her interest in education started when she was very young. Betsy says that her mother was a public school teacher. Although Betsy’s mom sent all her children to school to acquire education, she was hit by the reality that most of the children from needy families did not have an opportunity to access quality education. Betsy experienced this too, and this is why she decided to work with leaders in her hometown so that she could increase the opportunities for the students who lacked funds. Since then, the businesswoman has been a prominent figure in the educational industry.


Betsy and her husband have been influential in several industries. Her husband, for instance, has been a prominent figure in American politics. Several years ago, he vied for the gubernatorial seat. However, the Michigan seat was won by his greatest opponent. Although he lost in the election, DeVos and his family have to give a lot of money to support political candidates in various positions. DeVos has also served in different positions in the family business, known as Amway. The international company has opened branches in most parts of the world due to work that was done by the DeVos.


As the secretary for education in the United States, Betsy will have several duties. First of all, she will be working closely with the new president to advance opportunities so that everyone in the country can acquire quality education. The successful businesswoman believes that the income in a family should never determine the training the kids in the household will get. Betsy has been in the education system for a long time, and she understands the needs of the students and teacher too. Under her leadership, the company expects to introduce reforms that will improve lives of many people.


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End Citizens United Takes Aim at Controversial Supreme Court Decision.

Where were you when the United States sold the government to big money donors and corporate sponsors? You were probably at home, unaware that it was happening. In 2010 the conservative group Citizens United confronted the Supreme Court regarding how campaign finance regulations were bad for America. Their fundamental argument was, in essence, that limiting campaign financing was against ‘freedom’. In some way this argument held enough water for the Supreme Court to pass muster. As a result, floodgates were opened and billionaires came pouring in to buy off their favorite politicians. The will of the people was subverted and Capitol Hill became tainted.


End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed with the core goal of overturning the Citizens United decision. End Citizens United was crafted by Tiffany Muller, the President of the committee, and it has been her tireless work that has brought the PAC up in terms of influence. Muller is a former adviser for Democrat senates and she has used all of her political savvy to make End Citizens United a legitimate game changer in the political machine. The election of Donald Trump, one of the most historically divisive Presidents of all time, has also given fuel to the work being done at End Citizens United.


End Citizens United is succeeding in large part because people are angry. People want a chance to have their voice heard in the political arena. They want their vote to equal representation, not the money of all these millionaire and billionaire donors. This has given End Citizens United a huge boost through the early portion of 2017. End Citizens United raised nearly $4 million of their $35 million goal within the first quarter of the year. These donations came in by way of 100,000 donors. Of those donors nearly 40% of them were giving money for the first time. This is a great indicator that there is real passion spreading throughout the country to oppose Trump and his destructive political agenda.


In order for Citizens United to eventually be overturned there needs to be a push at the legislative level. No matter how many petitions get signed, Washington D.C. isn’t going to make a move until someone puts an amendment on the table. That is why End Citizens United has been backing some major progressive players in the United States Government. From Georgia’s Jon Ossoff to Senator Elizabeth Warren, End Citizens United is deciding to get in there and back people who will put their money where their mouth is. Senator Warren is up for re-election and her support from End Citizens United should help make it possible to keep fighting the good fight in order to overturn Citizens United.

End Citizens United Is Growing By The Day

End Citizens United is focused on campaign finance reform in America, and I have been involved for some time because I am interested in the way that our elections are held. I want to see big money taken out of the American political system, and I hope that we may make a change by following the lead of End Citizens United. This article explains how the PAC is helping the government come to its senses, and there is a look at how people like myself may make a difference.


#1: Raising Money


I want to raise as much money as possible for the group, and I hope that they have a number of different places where I may help and give money. There are many people who will find that this PAC helps them in their local elections, and I believe that we should raise as much money as possible to ensure that they are meeting their goals, they have raised four million dollars, and I know that the goal is much higher.


#2: What Will Change?


End Citizens United will ensure that there are many politicians who are hearing the message of campaign finance reform, and they want to ensure that the public is hearing the message. They are pressing for changes to the law, and they hope to see the people in Congress pass a new law that would take big money and special interests out of government.


#3: How Do They Spread The Message?


The message of End Citizens United has been spread many times over through their social media pages, and I read their pages often. I share the stories that they post to their social media pages because I want other people to see them. I want my friends and family to read these stories, and I want them to know that there is a new way to hold an election. The elections will change when we are able to change the campaign finance laws, and I hope that there is a way to get this passed as soon as possible.


#4: Midterm Elections


The midterm elections are the best chance we have to push through this agenda, and I am working quite hard with End Citizens United to ensure that they have a large impact at this time. I want to ensure that people are hearing what it is they have to say, and I do not want anyone to miss out. The people who are interested in campaign finance reform like me will learn quite a lot simply by being involved.


I want to see End Citizens United succeed. They will help us change campaign finance laws, and they will ensure the country is run a bit differently.