George Soros’ Vigorous Funding To Eradicate Conservatism In The World

George Soros is a significant political influence with an aim to promote liberalism in governments around the world, among them the mighty United States government. In 2004, he donated a sum of $24 million in a bid to block the re-election of George W. Bush into the presidential office. His failed attempt was followed by his retraction from the United States political arena until the 2016 wind which saw the election of Donald Trump into office.

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George reentered the political scene with a revised enthusiasm and drives to keep America and the world safe from dangerous groups and people. He stated that he believes Donald Trump has plans to destroy America’s longstanding peacekeeping efforts by collaborating with ISIS. The billionaire’s generous 2016 donations were further fueled by his longtime relationship with the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, According to close sources, Soros was set to attend the Democrat’s ceremony of naming Hillary as the flag bearer. He, however, cancelled citing that he had financial responsibilities to oversee back at home. Read more on

The Federal Elections Commissions tracked George Soros’ contributions throughout the 2016 campaign cycle and reported that Hilary’s movement had received $25 million at the beginning. The billionaire also gave publicly quoted amounts to several Super PACS. Priorities USA Action received $7 million and a further $3 million according to Democratic Party insiders. George donated $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century which had the aim of bringing down the campaigns of Donald Trump with revelations of truth. Other groups affiliated to the PAC received $70,000. Immigrant Voters Win was the recipient of $3 million from the billionaire. The donation was aimed at inspiring Hispanics to come out in numbers and vote against Trump. George gave Voting Rights $5 million to fight conservatism and $2 million to America Votes to mobilize voters. Statistics indicate that George has contributed a total of $13 billion towards non-profits promoting human rights in Europe, America and the world over. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

In 2015, George Soros funded group activists in Ferguson to fight civil and racial discrimination through his organization, Open Society Foundation. The amount saw the rallying of hundreds of protestors who arrived in Ferguson in buses. Some of these groups included the Drug Policy Alliance the Samuel Dewitt Proctor group in Chicago, Equal Justice USA of New York, Make the Road New York, Sojourners, the Center for Community Change of DC, the Advancement Project and unions from the Gamaliel Foundation. The protests lasted a month in Ferguson following a single crime committed against one of their own. Open Society’s director stated that the group is a serial donor to such groups since its launch in the 90s. He pointed out that despite the group’s funding to liberal supporters, Soros neither his staffs are in no way linked to the direct uprising of protests.

Tammy Mazzocco, an Experienced and Skilled Real Estate Manager

Tammy Mazzocco is a licensed real estate agent. Her career dates back to the time when she worked as a secretary at a real estate firm. Under the leadership of Mike Zelnik, Tammy worked with other nine commercial agents. Later, she worked at Scotland in condominium management. In 1995, Tammy became a registered real estate agent. Under the mentorship of Ken Cook, Tammy saw a huge success early in her career.

Later in her career, Tammy worked with T&R Properties as a multi-site property manager. Her role was to supervise two apartments and an office warehouse complex. Due to her excellent property management skills, she got another job as a licensed personal assistant for RE/MAX producer, Joe Armeni at Victorian village, Columbus.

Seeing her mentors make fortune, Tammy resumed to pursue real estate business on a full-time basis on 1999. A year later, she merged with the team at Judy Gang & Associates. Ever since, Judy Gang became Tammy’s mentor and friend. She also drew much inspiration from her. Tammy now sells residential real estate based in Licking, Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield in central Ohio.

Tammy’s success in real estate is largely owed to her mentors. She admits that it was difficult starting off. Currently, Tammy Mazzocco pursues real estate business as a lifestyle and a lifelong passion. To her, working as a real estate agent is far beyond making money. Her personal life is also crucial as with the real estate. She earns her living from her job. The main challenge she faced when starting up, was making her venture profitable. Eventually, when it did, it was worth the course.

Tammy is passionate and committed to her real estate career. Her social media presence, particularly on Facebook and Pinterest, is remarkable and clearly communicates to potential clients about her business. All this demonstrates her passion for making sure that her clients are all satisfied. Visit Cruncbase for more info.

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Jason Hope Bats For Internet Of Things And Explains Its Benefits

Jason Hope, the entrepreneur and investor in modern technologies, bats for the Internet of Things (IoT) and explains that it can be hugely beneficial for the humankind. He sees IoT as a new wave in the tech industry that can drive advancement in technology and humanity. Hope says that it would change the way how the businesses operate, and people would able to manage themselves better using the technology.

Jason further sees that all the major tech firms are investing on the advancement of IoT and expects a day with all the conceivable devices get connected each other. While many see it as a smart option for the time being, it will become a requirement in future. Though firms fight for a significant share of the IoT technology, the ones who provide better utility to consumers will win the race. The technology would remove plenty of waste and turn the lives smarter and efficient. It can equally be useful in both rural areas and urban areas, though, some think that it is more useful in cities.

Hope is also a technology writer and philanthropist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a keen investor in mobile technology businesses and looking for opportunities to leverage new technologies.

Jason completed his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University. Later, he did his MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University. Jason Hope is also known for his philanthropic initiatives, and he associates with SENS Foundation which is working on anti-aging as he wanted to ensure longer and better quality life for everyone.

U.S. Money Reserve Launches New Show

U.S. Money Reserve has recently released a new television show that will provide valuable insight on precious metals. The show will be called Gold Summit and will frequently discuss issues pertaining to the investment of gold. During the show, investors will learn many things about this asset such as the current value of gold, the types of gold items you can invest in and also how they benefit anyone’s investment portfolio.

Another aspect of the show will talk about the volatility in the financial markets and how gold can be an excellent hedge against this situation. In the show, longtime host Larry King will be the moderator of three panelists. It will also feature Michael Reagan who will talk about the value of investing in gold as well. The show will air in a studio in Los Angeles, California.

When the show is being aired, it will feature a few individuals who are key members of the U.S. Money Reserve. They will be able to provide their expertise about investing in gold. By being moderated by Larry King, the panelists will discuss different topics pertaining to gold investing.

Their insight will provide the bulk of the 28 minute show as an educational resource for investors. During the show, the panelists will talk about a number of things such as when to invest in gold and also how gold can provide investors with a valuable asset to improve their financial situation.

This organization has been around since the year 2001. During its existence, it has become the largest and most reputable distributor of precious metals such as gold and silver.

When working with this organization, a number of investors can take advantage of a number of things pertaining to gold investing. U.S. Money Reserve offers the widest selection of gold assets available. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

They offer coins, bullion and bars which can be purchased at the true market value. As a result, investors will never have to worry about getting fake gold. The U.S. Money Reserve also provides expertise about gold as well. It is available to provide expert knowledge about the various gold assets and which ones will be the best to buy at certain time.

Along with providing a wide selection and expertise, U.S. Money Reserve offers great customer service as well. It is available to answer any questions investors have as well as providing market updates on the current performance of various gold assets on the market.

Knowing More About The Chairman Of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is well-known for donating nearly two million AED. This money will be used for providing dresses to a million children who need them. The Hussain Sajwani Family has donated this money for a campaign to clothe a million children all across the world who are deprived.

It was basically a Ramadan initiative that was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The DAMAC owner, as well as Chairman of DAMAC Properties, is Hussain Sajwani. He is the largest real estate developer here who is dealing with luxury properties. DAMAC Properties is a firm that is based in the Middle East. He has made this contribution as a gesture to depict the continued support of the company towards efforts being made by the Dubai government for improving the standard of living of the underprivileged people all across the world.

This is a donation from DAMAC Properties to provide clothing to over 50,000 of those children who require it the most.

Hussain Sajwani is a person who knows that the young people are the future. He knows that it is crucial to provide them the right environment and ensure they get a good start in life. He has always supported the altruistic efforts of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. These efforts will improve the lives of others. This is being specifically done during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The clothing campaign had been launched by collaborating with a humanitarian organization called the Emirates Red Crescent which was set up in 1983. Through this effort, a total of AED 120 million were raised. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Mohammed Abdullah Alhaj Al Zaroni is from Red Crescent. He is highly impressed with this kind of generosity that has been shown by everyone in the UAE. Due to this, it was possible to achieve such a big target for this campaign. This money that has been collected can change the lives of a large number of children all across. He has made a specific mention of Hussain Sajwani as he had made a huge contribution to this campaign.

DAMAC Properties has already completed 8,890 units which span a total of 9,070,264 sq. ft. There is a lot more that is in the pipeline in the Middle East region.

All-In-One Product for Fine Hair

Recently shared a story of a young woman who decided to try the Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. She had never used WEN by Chaz before, but had heard about the all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling product, and she wanted to see if it would work on her own fine hair. She began a week-long trial, taking pictures every day.

By the end of the week, she discovered that if she used the Sephora available product daily, she had shiny, silky, voluminous hair. She felt confident that she would not have to re-style later in the day, and she even had friends complimenting her on her glossy, healthy hair. The before and after pictures are amazing! She did not need to use other products, and she was surprised at the volume and softness of her hair.

Wen hair is designed to help hair be beautiful and healthy, without using harsh sulfates found in many other shampoos and conditioners. The all-in-one formulas help streamline hair care, and eliminate the need for multiple products. The natural botanicals helps clean and moisturize hair, without stripping it of essential nutrients. WEN by Chaz can be used on any type of hair, from frizzy to dry, and even on colored hair, with remarkable results.

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Mike Baur And His Swiss Startup Factory Staff

Mike Baur helps many people every year who are in need of startup funding, and he reaches out to them when they are ready to grow their company. This article explains how someone may improve their company by coming to the Swiss Startup Factory, and there are many people who may see their companies change. Mike is an expert in startup funding, and he has experience in ensuring that companies are managed properly. His assistance will help someone manage their business properly, and they will see their profits increase quite a lot given the assistance that he has offered to them.


#1: Funding


Funding is quite important for every startup, and Mike shows his customers how to find funding for their company. Funding comes from venture capital firms that are invested in the same industries as the customers at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike has many connections in the industry that are helpful when searching for funding, and they will come in with the money that is needed.


#2: The Governance


The governance is quite important at any company, and there are many different people who will find it difficult to hire someone if they do not have experience. The governance experience that Mike has helps his clients ensure that they have hired someone who will help them manage their company properly. Governance is important for every startup, and they may make decisions about governance that protect their interests for the future.


#3: Maintaining A Relationship


Maintaining a relationship with Mike Baur is quite important as he will stick with the client for many years. There are several different questions that may be answered by the Mike and his staff, and someone who wishes to get their questions answered may call when they need. The company will have a resource outside their walls, and they will feel much better about the way they manage their company.


There are many different people who will find it interesting to approach the Swiss Startup Factory for help with their funding and startup information. They may receive funding for the company, and they will find it much easier to learn how to manage their firm or hire people to work for them. They may keep Mike as a friend, and he will help them every time they have a new issue with their startup that must be managed in the simplest manner possible in the startup phase.


A Closer Look at the Philanthropic Work of Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is currently the nation’s 11th U.S. Secretary of Education. She is the premiere educational czar within the nation. She comes from the prominent Devos family which is well known within the state of Michigan. Grand Rapids is their home city that bears the name of the Devos’s since this family has made a wide variety of contributions to this city.

Betsy is the wife of Dick Devos and the daughter-in-law of Richard Devos the former founder and leader of Amway. Betsy and her husband have been blessed with immense wealth from Amway and from their other endeavors. Over the years, they have used their money to support many different causes.

Betsy and her husband Dick primarily support educational and artistic endeavors. They also support various policies and other organizations that help people to live a better life. Religious organizations are important to the Devos’s as well because they really have a strong faith. Betsy DeVos is an education enthusiast. Though she has spent a great deal of her time in politics; throughout the years she has been involved within this field.

Her husband and she even helped to get an aviation high school up and running. West Michigan Aviation Academy is the name of this organization and it is a testament to the philanthropic causes of Betsy Devos.

Devos ‘s philanthropic organization is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and Betsy uses it provide contributions to places such as Kids Hope USA, the Kennedy Center and the Mars Hill Bible Church. She also gives to American Federation for Children and even supports the Alliance for School Choice.


Betsy is a big supporter of the School Choice policy. She has been involved within this cause for many years. Her desire to help people with education has helped to push her philanthropy to even greater heights. She not only gives of her money she also gives of her time. Even though she is extremely busy as the Secretary of Education, Devos still has time to be a chairwoman or board member of many organizations.

Devos’s love for charity grew out of her desire to help other parents with school aged children. This is another reason why education is so important to her and her family. In the past she used her resources to help parents because she sympathized with their needs since she was a mom of two school-aged children at the time. Now that her children have grown up and are living their own lives; but Devos’s passion for helping parents with students has not changed.

Mrs. Devos will not withhold her giving and she even wants to extend it. This prominent lady understands that her immense wealth and position gives her the ability to make serious changes that will improve the lives of people everywhere.

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The Resurgence of George Soros

George Soros has been regarded as a prominent figure in the international struggle to maintain democratic values since the emergence of his first hedge fund, Double Eagle, in 1969. Over the past thirty years, the eighty-six year old Hungarian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist has promoted human rights issues in over 100 countries through his organization the Open Society Foundation.

In 2016, Soros noticeably turned his attention to the political landscape surrounding the Trump-Clinton race. The billionaire, whose net worth totals an estimated $24.9 billion, made donations to the Clinton campaign of around $25 million. Michael Vanchon, Soros political advisor, noted that while Soros has long been a generous donor to the Democratic cause, last year’s election inspired an even greater impetus for Soros to support the party. Vanchon comments that Soros conviction was “high even before Trump became the nominee because of the hostility on the other side toward many of the issues George cares most about and has worked to support for many years, including immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance.” Read his profile at Forbes.

Born in Budapest in 1930, Soros escaped Nazi Germany-controlled Hungary in 1947. Soros, who memorably likened the Bush administration’s rhetoric to that of the Nazi party, described the need to defeat Bush as a “matter of life and death.” Soros comments regarding Donald Trump have been even harsher than his critique of the Bush administration. Soros has accused Trump of “doing the work of ISIS” and stressed in recent writings that “the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump” must be “resisted.”

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While Soros is certainly not the only entrepreneur invested in resistance to President Trump’s policies on issues ranging from immigration reform to climate change, George Soros has emerged as a leader due to his long history of philanthropy and his profound success as an investor. As the Trump presidency continues to institute policies that degrade human rights and promote the interests of the super-rich, many look to Soros as a model for other wealthy activists.

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Construcap Plans Future Growth Projects

In the coming years, many companies in the real estate industry are going to start planning out the future. There is a lot of demand for real estate companies to grow and produce more within the economy on With that being said, you need to make sure you are thinking about the long term with your business decisions that you make. A lot of real estate investors are looking to Brazil as the next big place for growth on If you are going to invest, you need to make sure your finances are in the right place. A lot of people get messed up when they try to invest too much money all at one time. Figuring out the right financing plan for you is one of the most important things that you can do.


From the time the company was started, Construcap has always been about helping others. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. If you want to excel at a high level, now is the time to do so. This is Construcap that is working as diligently as possible on a plan that will make sense for them in the coming years. If you are ready to take the next step in real estate investing, now is the time to do so. Overall, Construcap is a company that is working to invest in the lives of others in a variety of areas. Always make sure that you are thinking of the future when you are investing.

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